About Us

Whether looking for transportation to and from the airport or just a short drive around town, finding suitable and reliable transportation is very important. Berkeley Yellow Cab is there for all driving needs, as the family owned and operated company has serviced the area since 1986. With ample knowledge of routes, facilities and desired destinations, the cab company not only uses their experience of the region, but with the GPS-equipped vehicles, the best and fastest time is always guaranteed. So instead of renting out a vehicle or relying on a family member to drive to the airport, Berkeley Yellow Cab is there for every step along the way.The clean, professional and courteous drivers are there to great you when you step out of the airport and from your hotel, waiting to grab your bags and load everything up into the vehicle. Traveling is a stressful activity, but with Berkeley Yellow Cab, it is possible to ride in comfort and the knowledge of an on-time pick up and drop off, ensuring the ability to arrive at the departure gate, meeting or other location with time to spare.

The Berkeley Yellow Cab company services the SFO, Oakland and San Jose area, giving transportation to just about every possible destination in the entire region. A simple call and reservation is enough to safe keep a driver and vehicle for any necessary time, regardless of the day or time of year. Trusting the experience of Berkeley Yellow Cab is better than picking up a rental, as it is still necessary to drive this vehicle, and even though having a car on hand may come in handy in some ways, a lack of knowledge of the region may eventually prove detrimental. This is exactly why utilizing the GPS-equipped vehicles and experienced drivers of Berkeley Yellow Cab is better than any other option available.

As the the family owned Berkeley Yellow Cab company has nearly 30 years experience transporting individuals in the SFO, Oakland and San Jose area, there is no better cab service to contact, and with the clean, comfortable and reliable vehicles, the stress of travel is sure to melt away. Although air travel, business meetings and other events are often difficult to deal with, the ride to and from the airport doesn’t have to be, and with Berkeley Yellow Cab, travel is that much easier and more reliable than anything else available.